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Our Three Step Process to a magical vacation!


Once you create your account with us, you'll unlock the ability to create new orders! Once you've told us basic information like your resort hotel and delivery date - you'll be able to fill a shopping list with as many items as you want!


Once you've submitted your shopping list, Dizzy Dolphin will go through your order and input prices for each individual item you've ordered. Once that information is fully inputted, you'll receive a notification letting you know you can pay for your order, right then and there - or wait until no less than seven days prior to delivery.


Once payment is received, your order is prepared at Dizzy Dolphin's facilities in Clermont, FL. When your arrival date comes, we'll drop off your order to Bell Services at your designated resort and it will be waiting for you when you arrive. Simple as that!
* Dizzy Dolphin does not deliver on certain holidays. In these cases your delivery will be made the day prior.

12302 Roper Blvd Suite 102 · Clermont, FL 34711