Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Dizzy Dolphin deliver?
Dizzy Dolphin delivers to most resort hotels in the Central Florida area.

How far in advance should I pay for my order?
Once you are sent a quote for your order, you can pay as soon as you want. Payments must be made at least seven days prior to delivery.

Is there a delivery charge?
A $14 delivery charge is added on to your order. (If your order has a subtotal of more than $250, the charge is elimated and there is no delivery fee.)

Is there a minimum order?
Yes, all deliveries must have a minimum subtotal of $50.

Once I arrive and receive my order, can I place another order?
Yes. With a $50 minimum plus the delivery charge and 24 hour notice.

What days does Dizzy Dolphin deliver?
Dizzy Dolphin delivers seven days a week.
Delivery on major holidays may be made the day prior to the selected delivery date to Bell Services. They have the resources to properly store your order, and when you're ready for it simply call and request it to your room.

Can Dizzy Dolphin supply gluten free products?
Yes, we can provide most items found at your local grocery store. Please remember to specify which items need to be gluten free, etc.

Can I tip my Dizzy Dolphin associate?
Yes, if you are completely satisfied with your experience. When making order payment you can add your gratuity during checkout.

When do I pay for my order?
You can pay at anytime for your order once the pricing is finalized. Remember, once you pay your order will be locked and any changes you want to make can only be done by contacting Dizzy Dolphin Delivery.

After Placing My Order, Can I Make Any Additions, Deletions, or Changes?
Yes, you can make changes up until you pay for your order and once you pay for your order, you can still make changes by contacting us directly. Click here to contact us.

Can I purchase Beer, Wine and Spirits from Dizzy Dolphin Delivery?
Dizzy Dolphin works with a third party store to ensure you have the largest variety of alcohol to order from.
Click here for all details and policies.

How do I receive my order?
We deliver your order to Bell Services. They have industrial refrigerators and freezers to store your items properly. When you are ready for your delivery, just call down to Bell Services and they will bring everything right to your room for you. Simple and easy!
If your delivery is to a private timeshare, please be sure to provide Dizzy Dolphin with the appropriate access codes, etc. prior to your delivery date!

If you have any additional questions...
Feel free to contact a Dizzy Dolphin associate today, and we'll be happy to help you. Click here for details.