Living in the 21st century, it seems that everyone has an online presence with information about them stored in many places and in many forms. In recent times, coorporations have used the information their services collect in wrongful ways, selling them off to other companies, sharing them outside of their organization and using them in ways they shouldn't be used.

Since Dizzy Dolphin Delivery has begun online operations, we've always seen the privacy of our users and their information as a top priority, and that's why we've created the page below to tell you how we use your information. No confusing privacy policies filled with legal terms you don't understand.

We do collect and store personal information

Dizzy Dolphin Delivery collects information such as your name, email address, country, state and phone number upon registration. We also collect your IP Address you are visiting us from simply for security purposes to ensure nobody unauthorized is accessing your account. IP Address are not accessible by Dizzy Dolphin employees and are only accessible by the authorized personel who build and maintain our technical infastructure.

We do use cookies within our website

Dizzy Dolphin Delivery uses cookies within our web infastructure. These cookies are only used to allow for smooth operations within your user account (example: a cookie is used to keep your account logged in as you move from page to page). These cookies are not used for advertising or any third party data collection services.

We do not work with third parties sharing your information

Dizzy Dolphin Delivery does not provide any third parties with "backdoor" access into our systems. Any third party services (for example, with alcohol orders) are operated outside of the Dizzy Dolphin system. We simply pick up your order from their company using the name you've provided us with.

We do not collect or share information with advertisers

Dizzy Dolphin Delivery does not work with or share any information collected from our guests such as personal information, order items, etc. with any third party marketing or advertising agencies. In fact, Dizzy Dolphin Delivery's website doesn't even host any advertisements!

Any questions and/or concerns you may have regarding privacy and data storage can be directed to